Employment Support

Employment Support
Employment can enable people with autism to become more independent, providing opportunities to use their talents, for social inclusion and increased self-esteem. The National Autistic Society statistics show that just 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment, only 32% are in some kind of paid work but 77% of unemployed autistic adults want to work.

Side by Side Coaching and Training wants to improve this situation by providing a comprehensive package of employment support. This comprises coaching and mentoring support for adults with autism to gain and retain employment, and mentoring and training for employers, line managers and team members. All our services can be provided in the workplace or virtually via Skype or telephone.

Coaching for Employment
Whether you are seeking employment, work experience or are employed, self-employed or between jobs, our coaching service can help you achieve your potential. We will look at where you are now, explore where you want to be, and focus on how you can get there. Coaching can help you to:
  • Understand how your diagnosis impacts you finding work and succeeding in your role and work environment
  • Identify your strengths, skills and experience to focus on appropriate work opportunities
  • Increase your motivation to achieve your goals and ambitions
  • Increase self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Manage anxiety and emotions at work to improve your focus and concentration
  • Communicate effectively with work colleagues and managers
  • Understand your sensory sensitivities, triggers and develop coping strategies
  • Understand the expectations of your role and unwritten rules at work
  • Plan more effectively to meet deadlines and manage your workload

Mentoring for Employees or Job Seekers
Your mentor works with you to develop skills, knowledge and practical strategies, providing advice and guidance as necessary. For example to help you:
  • Improve your CV, job searching skills and techniques for job interviews
  • Know when and how to disclose your diagnosis to recruiters, employers, managers and colleagues
  • Understand how reasonable adjustments can help you find a job and succeed at work
  • Develop practical strategies to help with organisation and planning
  • Develop skills in assertiveness and managing conflict
  • Develop practical strategies to overcome distractibility and procrastination

Mentoring for Employers
Your mentor provides advice and guidance to develop skills, knowledge and practical strategies by exploring specific issues and challenges to help you:
  • Gain awareness of autism and the impact on employment recognising strengths as well and challenges
  • Gain confidence to manage performance of autistic employees – delegation, feedback, reviews
  • Develop strategies to support employees with anxiety and sensory sensitivities
  • Adapt your communication skills to enhance performance and social integration
  • Deal with performance issues of planning, organisation, processing information and distractibility
  • Understand the Equality Act and how to make reasonable adjustments to support your employee

Training for Employers
Side by Side Coaching and Training provides clear and practical training to increase understanding of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. We explain what autism is and how it can impact employees. We explore the unique strengths and abilities people on the autistic spectrum can bring to an organisation as well as strategies to help you manage and support staff with autism.
All training events are tailored to meet your objectives. We can run training sessions in a variety of formats ranging from an introductory one hour “lunch and learn” workshop to a full day training session. Workshops are designed for:
  • Employers and recruiters including HR professionals
  • Line managers
  • Colleagues and Team members

For more information about Side by Side Specialist Coaching and Training click here for the Contact Us page or send an email to info@sidebysidecoaching.co.uk

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