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PDA training for parents and professionals

Side by Side PDA Training aims to improve the understanding of PDA and give anyone living or working with children and young people with PDA simple but effective strategies to help improve their lives. Whether this is in the classroom, the home or for professionals working with children and young people with either a diagnosis or suspected PDA. We aim to help make their lives better to enable happier outcomes for everyone. PDA training is written and delivered by Karen Whichello, an experienced trainer and mother of a teenager with PDA. Fees include the workshop, lunch and all refreshments. You will also meet like-minded people and can share ideas with them. We are also able to offer either in-house training or INSET day training across the UK.

The training is delivered in a full day course and covers the following key areas:
• Understanding PDA and the diagnostic criteria
• How PDA differs from other Autism Spectrum Conditions
• How emotional intelligence can be taught to reduce anxiety
• Effective communication with children and young people with PDA
• Strategies to improve the learning outcomes of children or young persons with PDA both at home and school

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Autism and ADHD training for parents and professionals

The Side by Side team have over 10 years experience designing and delivering autism and ADHD training courses and workshops to a variety of settings and groups.

All courses and workshops are individually tailored to your needs and are designed for:
• Professional organisations and practitioners, including schools, colleges, social services, health services (including mental health) and leisure providers
• Parents carers and anyone involved with children or young people with ADHD and autism
• Adults with these conditions

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Individual Mentoring and supervision for professionals

Online specialist mentoring and supervision for professionals working with children or adults with Autism, ADHD or PDA can be offered via Skype or phone.

Professionals would include:
• School staff, e.g. teachers, teaching assistants, Senco's, Inco’s
• Specialist therapists e.g. Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Counsellors
• Any professional working or supporting a child or individual with these conditions

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School Consultations

We offer support for schools and colleges to make the challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, PDA and associated conditions more manageable. The aim of our support programme is to ensure teachers and teaching staff are given all the strategies needed to empower them to help the child or young person meet their true potential.

If appropriate an observation will be arranged which is normally recommended to be around 2-3 hours of the school day. This allows us to gain an insight into the problems faced by all concerned, followed by a debrief meeting. A full report will then be written and submitted incorporating all the necessary strategies and advice on how to improve the outcomes for all concerned.

A follow up meeting or telephone call will then be arranged to discuss how the strategies are working and how to make any changes if necessary.

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